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Open Air Photo Booth Party

Photos are the perfect souvenir. Photo Booth Party LA offers endless customization, complete set-up, and more. We have a package for everyone.


2 hours $349.99

3 hours $449.99

4 hours $549.99

  • Unlimited Digital & Printed photos

  • Solid Background

  • Digital Props

  • Dedicated Attendant

  • Overlay Graphics

  • Red Carpet & Stanchions.

  • SMS QR Code, and email delivery options

A La Carte Menu

Custom Fabric Background 

Green Screen 

Custom Overlay 

Share Station 

Glam Filter 

Dedicated WIFI

360 Photo Booth Party 

Instantly download, edited 360 Photo Booth video to your phone or email. Add overlays and text for a modern take on the photo booth.

360 photo booth party set up in LA


2 hours $449.99

3 hours $549.99

4 hours $649.99

  • Unlimited video sessions

  • Graphics

  • Props

  • LED light platform base

  • Red Carpet & Stanchions.

  • Ipad Share Station with SMS, QR Code, and email options, included

A La Carte Menu

Immersive TV Share Station

Custom Template 

Dedicated High Speed WIFI 

Selfie  Booth

Tired of the traditional stand to take perfect group photos? Need something with advanced technology and stylish outlook to use conveniently in your events? Can be used with or without a backdrop...and with or without an attendant.
Selfie Booth does all that and more. 



2 hours $299.99

3 hours $399.99

4 hours $499.99

  • Unlimited sessions

  • Gif

  • Boomerang

  • Props

  • Backdrop

  • Graphics

  • Red Carpet & Stanchions.

  • SMS, QR Code, and email instant share 

A La Carte Menu

Custom Template  

Dedicated High Speed WIFI 

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